Shajarat al-bun . شجرة البن.

Shajarat al-bun . شجرة البن.
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For highly talented refugees:

Dear people!


Please send us an email.

We're glad to help promptly:

Saskia-Marjanna Schulz

Lilli Cremer-Altgeld

Best wishes

The moderators.

"Je suis refugee" - a group of gifted & talented advocates for refugees

Refugees need food, drink and a roof over their heads. Where you are able to remain in Germany, you will also be looking for a job. This not only means challenges of language, culture and religion, but for at least two percent of you there's another difficult consideration: giftedness.

Even resident gifted & talented people are facing problems - for refugees it adds an additional burden. Gifted often are particularly fast in thought an action - and can consequently make others uneasy. And/or they think as far outside the box or around the corner, that other people can't or don't want to follow them. With ease, they can often recognize and create connections which will be hidden to others. All these are talents that are needed in our country but often, the gifted are too shy, too modest or even too uncertain to make the most of these gifts. This is where we as a group of gifted and talented people would like to offer our help.

What is important to us: We want to be present on a long term basis for refugees.

For refugees who currently have questions or require support in terms of giftedness, we are here for you.

We are the moderators, who exchange in this forum with other gifted and talented people and their families: . The members of the forum are gifted people from different occupational groups, backgrounds and cultures as well as people who have specialized on professional level in people with an IQ of 130+. We have not invented a "universal remedy for symptoms of giftedness" - but we do understand - even if we do not (yet) speak the language. We are well cross-linked and do know how to organize in an unbureaucratic manner.

We would welcome you sharing this information and pointing others to our activities. In case you're gifted & talented and also want to support talented refugees: Please email us: .

Many thanks.

Kind regards

Saskia-Marjanna Schulz

Lilli Cremer-Altgeld

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